Links to as-broadcast documentaries produced, written and directed by Ken Simon.
They were originally broadcast on CPTV and other stations. The streaming is free.
The history, culture and politics of Connecticut's Native Americans. Mohegan Gladys Tantaquidgeon and  the Tantaquidgeon Museum were a key to the resurgence of the Mohegan Tribe. 
Hartford's Revolver King Sam Colt and his wife Elizabeth were international media stars in the 19th century. Colt's state-of-the-art firearms won wars and created an industrial empire.
Seven U.S. Supreme Court cases involving Connecticut residents set  precedents in reproductive rights, religious freedom, civil rights, affirmative action, the right of assembly, and more.
In Connecticut all roads lead to the suburbs,  but it is taking longer to get there.  How transportation policy and culture affect how we get around, our lifestyle and the economy. 
Four Rogers and five Sullivan brothers served together on the USS Juneau in WWII. All but one died with 700 shipmates in a U.S. naval disaster, The Navy hid the facts of the loss for 52 years.
The history and rebirth of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe. Former Chairman Skip Hayward brought the tribe back together, acquired federal recognition and opened a very lucrative casino.
The Mashantucket Pequot's World Championship of Indian Song and Dance features Native dance, drumming, singing, craft and food in the country's biggest powwow.
USS Nautilus was the first nuclear submarine. It proved that nuclear power could boost the power, durability and stealth of subs. It was also proof-of-concept for civilian nuclear energy.
From the Colonial period to today, Connecticut has benefited from its location between the two major cities. How has our sense of place and of ourselves changed through the years?
How the sea influences state history, culture, agriculture and commerce. Walter Cronkie narrates the story, which spans native fishing to today's tourism industry.
The story of Eastern Connecticut, from the Revolution to the casinos. The towns east of the Connecticut River  share a geographical area but what do they have in common?
Many of Connecticut's 169 towns have a town green, or the remnants of one. The green is a town's treasured community icon, often still the place where the community gathers. 
The legendary Mohegan sachem Uncas was  major player in 17th-Century America. He befriended the colonists, helped to vanquish tribal rivals and saved his people.
The life and times of Connecticut's most popular media personality ever. Bob Steele brightened the mornings of radio  listeners for more than 65 years in an unparalleled career.
Our love for the suburbs is a defining part of life in the state. Connecticut is one of the most highly suburbanized states in the country. The suburbs are where we want to be, but at what price?
Connecticut's  farmers helped to build the state, give sustenance to millions, and provide residents with a special sense of place. The story of Connecticut agriculture, narrated by Sam Waterston.